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noel_king nqktiggy
A photo of Noel from the early days of UCSC. Noel and his beloved cat Tiggy on the deck of his home. (Photo: Pat Puder)
noel-boy noelking
Noel as a boy.
noel_king_68 photo-bio-dalail
Noel walking at Merrill c. 1968. (Thanks to Valerie Chase.) Laurie, Zoe, and Noel with the Dalai Lama, 1982.
nqk0032 dsc_0145
William King (Noel’s father, far left) in Tibet. Bruce Bullis, a former student, and his son Noel.
noel_king_tn-1 noel_king_tn-6
Pictures of Noel sent by Dr. Tarlochan S. Nahal.
noel-king-merrill-1970 noelking2009
Noel with Philip Bell at the Merrill College graduation in 1970 (photo: Stuart Bennett) Noel with former student Gregory Akhenaton and family, 2008.
jath_manjit_singh_honors_noel_king jath_manjit_singh_noel_king
L to R: Jathedar Manjit Singh (Sikh High Priest) honors Dr. Noel King at Nanak Dwara Asharam, Phoenix, Arozona. The Sikh congregation is seen. Phoenix, Arizona – January 1999 (Courtesy of Dr. Tarlochan S. Nahal.) Dr. King talking to Jathedar Manjit Singh, then Jathedar, Sri Akal Takhat, Manjit Singh. Phoenix, AZ, January 1999. (Courtesy of Dr. Tarlochan S. Nahal.)
untitled southwell-minster
Pat Puder, Mike Simpson, and Noel on the deck of the King home. Southwell Minster Memorial, Nottingham, UK. Noel was ordained in Southwell and visited there frequently. He was also a rector in the nearby town of Shelford for some time.On the 22nd February 2009 Southwell Minster will be floodlit at night in memory of Noel Q King, in conjunction with other memorials to him on this day. This has been organised by his Nottingham associated relatives in loving memory.
dr-king-at-fort-bhatner dr-king-with-dr-dhillon-at-kalibanga
Noel at Fort Bhatner. Noel with Dr. Balwant Singh Dhillon of Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar- at Khalibanga.

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  1. Pat Floyd on

    I know Noel King only through his books and through what I catch of him as a fan of his wife’s books, but I return to these photos again and again. Here is such a face of kindness and wisdom that to look at it is to be blessed. My condolences to all those who will miss this great man.

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