February 2 Noel’s passing was announced on the UCSC website.
February 3 The Santa Cruz Sentinel featured an obituary for Noel on its website and print version.
February 4
February 6
February 10 The Sikh Foundation of Palo Alto published a tribute to Noel including comments from Narinder Singh Kapany.
February 13 Download Dr. Tarlochan S. Nahal’s tribute from the India Journal or in Punjabi from the Punjab Times.
February 17 Coverage in the Amritsar Times (below).
February 20 Download a tribute by Dr. Balwant Singh Dhillon of Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar.
Februrary 22
March 10 Download a tribute by Francis, Noel’s oldest son.

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020609_rozana_spokesman_chandigarh_noel_king 021709_amritsar_times_noel_king_pbi-2

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  1. Ted Altenberg on

    Not online, but today’s print edition of SC Sentinel ran Noel’s obit again.

  2. Jas Singh on

    Prof.Dr. Noel Q King,A Saintly Scholar was filled with love for God and all his people he was a uniter of all humanity.His family was British but he was born in Punjab the land of Five Rivers, that land has given birth to many saintly souls and great men and Dr. King was one of them. His life, written words, his speechs his travels accross the globe and;his students the people who have heard his voice over the interent were deeply moved are living proofs of his greatness. He looked like a wise old man full of wisdom with his flowing white silvery beard and long hair. As a Sikh I can say that he looked like my dear old granfater with that white hair and beard full of love. Dr.King is beloved by the Sikhs all across the world. I like to say to Mrs. King and Dr. Kings family God is love and love is God and Prof. King had true love and compasion for whole humainty, so love never goes away and love is alwys Omnipresnt. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa , Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

  3. KateCollard on

    Thank you, Uncle Noel for bringing so much fun into my life. For sharing a wicked sense of humour; for showing me that the whole family can go skinny dipping at midnight; for not confiscating “Lady Chatterley’s (not Chattergee)Lover” when you knew that we (my cousins & me) were reading the well worn pages; for telling me that marmalade was made from squashed wasps – you beast; for our joint enjoyment of words; and most of all for always asking ,”What are you reading?” not “How are you?” when my health went down the tubes and never ever saying, “Take care!” What an Uncle! Kate xx

  4. Renee De Palma on

    Thank you for sharing this website with us. I am Noel’s former student — the one pictured in the newspaper articles with Noel. I must say I am really taken aback by the news that Noel is gone.

    Along with a degree from UCSC in film, Noel allowed me to pursue the studies that were lodged deeply in my heart by organizing for me an independent studies degree in Religious Studies. I graduated with both degrees.

    When I was 20, a journey to Nepal led me down the spiritual path of Mahayana Buddhism and Noel was a constant mentor. Noel and I had many a discussion about Sikh and Buddhist paths and teachings and I can recount many a joyous debate.

    I currently serve as Treasurer on the Executive Board of The Southern California Council For A Parliament Of World Religions, and serve as a global interfaith activist. I am also a Buddhist practitioner and mediation teacher in Los Angeles, as well as a documentary filmmaker.

    There is no doubt in my heart and mind as to the contributions Noel King has made to my life. Our time together in 2005 marked a happy, lively reunion, and I will hold that image with me always. I will miss him, as will so many. I am grieving, but happy for the precious time shared with him.

    Thank you.

    Renee De Palma
    UCSC Alumni
    Student Of Noel King

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