To contact the King family with questions or to send stories, photos, or articles written by Noel, please send them to us via email.

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  1. Terri Cooley Cook on

    Dear Naomi, perhaps you will remember my stay in your home in 1969. If you would contact me, I would love to talk with you. Please know that I share in a small way your loss in the passing of Papa Noel. Fondly, Terri

  2. Renee De Palma on

    Thank you for sharing this website with us. I am Noel’s former student — the one pictured in the newspaper articles with Noel. I must say I am really taken aback by the news that Noel is gone.

    Along with a degree from UCSC in film, Noel allowed me to pursue the studies that were lodged deeply in my heart by organizing for me an independent studies degree in Religious Studies. I graduated with both degrees.

    When I was 20, a journey to Nepal led me down the spiritual path of Mahayana Buddhism and Noel was a constant mentor. Noel and I had many a discussion about Sikh and Buddhist paths and teachings and I can recount many a joyous debate.

    I currently serve as Treasurer on the Executive Board of The Southern California Council For A Parliament Of World Religions, and serve as a global interfaith activist. I am also a Buddhist practitioner and mediation teacher in Los Angeles, as well as a documentary filmmaker.

    There is no doubt in my heart and mind as to the contributions Noel King has made to my life. Our time together in 2005 marked a happy, lively reunion, and I will hold that image with me always. I will miss him, as will so many. I am grieving, but happy for the precious time shared with him.

    Thank you.

    Renee De Palma
    UCSC Alumni
    Student Of Noel King

  3. Peter King on

    Southwell Minster Memorial, Nottingham, UK

    On the 22nd February 2009 Southwell Minster will be floodlit at night in memory of Noel Q King, in conjunction with other memorials to him on this day.

    Noel was ordained in Southwell and visited there frequently. He was also a rector in the nearby town of Shelford for some time.

    This has been organised by his Nottingham associated relatives in loving memory.

    Photo to follow soon on photo page.

    Best regards and fond memories,
    Peter King – his grandson

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